Financial Performance Report: 2023

  • Tuesday, 13th February, 2024
  • 16:19pm

Financial Performance Report: 2023


Total Sales Achieved

In the fiscal year 2023, our company achieved a remarkable total of $35086.91 USD in sales. (Total company revenues ) 


These revenues are from VPS rentals, dedicated servers, and IPS rentals.


Our expenses in Colocation services are around $714.


The Qeru Acquisition

In September 2023, we made a strategic move by acquiring Qeru,  Since the acquisition, Qeru has consistently contributed to our revenue stream.


From September 2023 to January 2024, Qeru’s monthly contribution amounted to $569. This steady influx of funds has bolstered our financial position and allowed us to pursue ambitious growth initiatives.


2024 Objectives: Hardware Upgrades

As previously communicated, our primary objective for 2024 is to upgrade our hardware infrastructure across key locations. The cities targeted for hardware enhancements include:


Los Angeles


Kansas City


While this process will span several months, we have already initiated upgrades in Kansas, Los Angeles, and Dallas. These improvements will enable us to offer enhanced services, improved reliability, and better performance to our valued clients.


Leveraging Qeru’s Success

The successful sale of Qeru has provided us with additional resources to accelerate our hardware upgrades. By reinvesting the proceeds, we can continue to advance our infrastructure, enhance our service offerings.


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