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In our module from your customer panel,


you will be able to reinstall your VPS by mounting the ISOS of the operating system you want to reinstall.


1. Login to your Client Panel: 


2. Select the Service you want to Reinstall your VPS



3. You will see a panel like the one in the image.



4. Then select the Action: and Mount ISO option.



5. Select Linux or Windows depending on what you need.


6. Select the operating system with which to reinstall your OS.


7. Now click on Moun ISO 



8. This will reboot your VPS and mount the selected iso. 


9. When you get the message "Your VPS has been mounted" go to Console to start with the reinstallation of your VPS.


Remember that in this case, the reinstallation is manual, you must continue the installation.


to add your IP Manually you can see the details in Network IP Details



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