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"Turn your payments into rewards with our loyalty program! Earn points every time you pay for our services and unlock VIP and SUPER VIP status for exclusive benefits. As a VIP or SUPER VIP client, you'll enjoy bigger discounts on your services and gain access to monthly promotions. Start earning points and become a VIP today!"




  • All clients who obtain 4800 Points will obtain the range of VIP Client, this will allow them to obtain 25% additional discount on all their services or We can double your resources




  • All customers who obtain 10,000 points will obtain the range of SUPER VIP Customer, this will allow them to obtain an additional 40% discount on all services and double your resources  , also participate in monthly promotions.




If you choose to double your resources

can be by memory or disk only, you must choose whether to do the memory or disk upgrade.


if for any reason the server does not have enough space to make the Upgrade, we can add 25% discount on your monthly fee.


This is valid only for VPS services that are paid on a monthly or annual basis.


If you cancel your services, all points will be cancelled. If you have more than one service and cancel one of them, 100 points will be deducted.


Points are valid only for VPS services

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