Update Problem Node Europe

Dear customers: we are sorry to inform you that after working to recover the information from the servers in Amsterdam and Kansas City, we have not been able to recover it. The Kansas City Vps have been reinstalled on our NJ Nodes. We have upgraded the server and are now on NVME disks. --------------------- Our Amsterdam Nodes are still ... Read More »

20th Jan 2020
Nodes Problem Network

we're having problems in our data center nodes.


please wait, we're working on it.


It's a problem in the network, which we need to solve soon

18th Jan 2020

Dear clients:


remember that you are responsible for the timely payment of your services.


All services will be suspended after 2 days of not receiving payment.


and canceled after 5 days of not receiving any payment.


Thank you for your understanding.

3rd Dec 2019
Update TOS

We have updated our terms of service.

Please remember to always review our terms before hiring our services.

20th Sep 2019
Large Attack Node Amsterdam

We are receiving news from our datacenter of a long DDOS attack on our server.

we're making efforts to mitigate this.

we will keep you informed

28th Aug 2019