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Our Lifetime Promotion has been a limited offer that utilized unused, older hardware to provide an irresistible deal. This promotion was designed with the intention of offering high-quality service at an unbeatable one-time payment plan.

In 2024, we’re excited to announce that we will be upgrading the SSDs in our servers to enhance their performance. This upgrade is part of our ongoing commitment to provide the best possible service to our customers.

However, it’s important to note that our Lifetime VPS does not include backup services. We strongly encourage our customers to regularly back up their data to ensure its safety and integrity. Your data is important, and regular backups are a crucial part of maintaining its security.

The longevity of our Lifetime VPS depends on the hardware. We often get asked, “How long can these VPS last?” The answer is, it depends on the hardware. Our first promotion using HDDs was launched a year ago, and we’re proud to say that all the customers who availed of this service are still active. However, we do not provide a guarantee on the data or safeguards of these VPS.


Indeed, if the hardware where your plan is hosted fails, we will attempt to migrate it to another one of our nodes. If that is not feasible, we will evaluate the available options. Our LifeTime Plan will remain active as long as the company continues to operate

In conclusion, our Lifetime Promotion is a testament to our commitment to innovation and improvement. We’re excited about the upcoming SSD upgrade and look forward to continuing to provide high-quality, affordable services to our customers.

I hope this helps! If you have any other requests or need further assistance, feel free to ask. ????




Uptime:70 days  | 100%




Uptime:137 days |  100%


We offer up to 2 Free Reinstallations on these VPSs



Q: Could you please explain why you keep offering lifetime plans? What are your plans for the future? Are you planning some exit strategy with huge funds?  Root (lowendspirit) 


Essentially, that server is located in a 1/4 Colo where multiple servers are housed. Over the past few months, I’ve been phasing out old servers.

That server has been available for a year now. Despite being old, it’s still functional. As you mentioned, it has enabled me to purchase a new server and finance an additional one.

On my website, I explain how VPS Lifetime operates.

I’m considering upgrading the servers purchased with HDD disks to SSD. Some clients have already requested this, and we’re working on it.

In conclusion, I pay for a 1/4 Colo, I have a free server, and I utilized it for this purpose.

The majority of clients will have been in active service for a year now. Despite some people hoping for our downfall, we continue to strive for improvement this year, updating the processors of our most recent servers.

For instance, we will be updating the nodes in Kansas, Amsterdam, and Dallas


Currently, we have around 18 clients and we hope to reach 22 to conclude this promotion.


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